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All things considered, adoption often represents one of the most joyous aspects of family law. As repetitive as it might sound, it takes special people to take on someone’s else children and raise them as their own.

The legal definitions regarding adoption appear in NJSA 9:3-38. When you are a prospective parent, an experienced family law attorney files a formal complaint with the court. The process leading up to the adoption includes extensive procedures.


The best interests of the child remain paramount when considering placement of adoptive children. The investigation includes home studies by approved agencies conducted in accordance with state agency regulations. Parents who wish to adopt children are often subject to criminal history record checks.

Like other jurisdictions, adoptions take many forms. In some cases, a stepparent may elect to unify the family by adopting a stepchild. This often requires the birth parent to agree to the adoption. Under New Jersey law, stepparents may assume parental responsibilities. However, a child may only have two legal parents.

Other Types of Adoptions

In the meantime, you should know that there are other types of adoption recognized in New Jersey. Family members such as grandparents may adopt their grandchildren. Same-sex couples may adopt their spouse’s children to avoid legal parenting issues.

Closed adoption involves the concealment of the child’s natural parents. However, New Jersey also permits open adoption – meaning that the child has access to his or her birth records.

Unfortunately, adoption may come with negative implications. This includes issues regarding termination of parental rights or contested adoptions.

Surrogacy laws apply when it comes to an agreement regarding carrying a baby for another woman or couple. Under New Jersey law, adoptive rights cannot be asserted until after the child’s birth. An experienced family law attorney assists with preparing the necessary documentation regarding a pre-birth agreement.

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