23 Simple Lies that Can Get People Divorced

Simple lies are at the crux of many divorces.  Deception leads to many things.  Mistrust.  Hurt feelings.  Devastation so bad that it ends a relationship.  Lies can mean the beginning of the end of a marriage.

Let’s be frank.  The falsehoods come from both ends.  There are the ones your spouse tells you.  And, then, the ones, you tell yourself.

All lies can have individual impressions.  Or combined impacts.  We’ve chosen 23 simple ones.  In no particular order.  We’re sure you can think of more.  In fact, we’d love you to add to our list!

Lies that Lead to Divorce

  1. I’m still married to someone else.
  2. I’ve said I don’t owe anyone money, but have gambling debts.
  3. I lied and denied I was diagnosed with a serious mental illness.
  4. I am named on the Sex Offenders list.
  5. I’m stashing away funds from our investments.
  6. I’ve never cheated with another man.  Well, not just one.  A couple.
  7. I know you said you didn’t want children.  I know I said I didn’t, but I do.
  8. I lied about the number of times I was married in the past.
  9. I have children from other relationships and never told you about them.
  10. I have a felony arrest record that I never revealed.
  11. I have problems with drugs or alcohol.
  12. I’m using you as a cover for my sexual preferences.
  13. I’ve never really loved you or been attracted to you.
  14. I’ve found out you’ve hidden assets from me.
  15. I’ve discovered you have a ton of outstanding debt you never exposed.
  16. I didn’t realize you were still married to someone else.
  17.  I had an investigator follow you and caught you in an embrace with another woman.
  18. I found out that you just got out of jail for murdering your ex in another state.
  19. I didn’t know you were in this country illegally.
  20. I believed you when you said you didn’t have addiction issues.
  21. I think you are using me as a cover for your sexual preferences.
  22. I sense something is wrong because you have become very secretive.
  23. I have found proof that you are disingenuous. 

This broad-based list covers a great deal of territory.  Are there lies on here that represent irreparable harm to you?  Could they mean the end to your marriage?  Or, can some of these items be fixed with counseling?

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23 Simple Lies that Can Get People Divorced

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