Want to Know Why Your Divorce is Costing You So Much Money?

Protracted litigation.  The two words together most likely sum up the reason your  divorce is costing you so much money. However, they beg an interesting question. Who’s responsible for dragging out the process of ending your marriage?

No doubt it sometimes comes down to a simple look in the mirror. Your need to win or make a point adds to the expenses associated with your divorce.

However, you may want to choose your battles wisely. More than likely, you’ve heard that expression before. You need to know what’s important enough to fight for and what it will ultimately cost you.

Engaging in any type of warfare takes time. There’s no question that yours is valuable. Meanwhile, when you retain legal counsel, you pay for theirs. Some clients don’t realize that’s the case until after they receive their first bill detailing the number of times they called to chat with their lawyer.

Divorce opens the gates to a plethora of emotions – many of which are surely valid. For example, you may be outraged at your  spouse’s infidelity . In the meantime, being vindictive may work against your financial outlay.

Splitting up assets  represents just one of the many hardships divorcing couples face. In theory, thinking in the best interests of the children as far as  custody and parenting time sounds grand. Your thoughts of how things might go could easily differ from your soon to be former spouse.

Of course,  child support  and  alimony  come up as subjects for debate. It might seem impossible to compromise. However, digging in your heels just adds to the cost of your divorce.

The High Cost of Divorce

In the meantime, there’s a massive chance that the reason your divorce is so costly isn’t your fault. You could be the one willing to negotiate.

Even it means putting your principles aside, you may recognize that the ends will never justify the means. And, that makes it difficult when you’re dealing with a person who has no interest in compromise.

It’s difficult to observe.  Experienced family law attorneys  who are mindful of their clients’ pockets will try to reason with them.

However, the fact remains. Going to court costs money. If you need to go see a judge and argue about every little issue, you’d better be prepared.

In fact, you might think that retaining a “shark” for an attorney will get you your own way. You assume that you’ll do best with a trial and don’t realize what that really means.

The reality is that litigation expenses can topple six figures for some. The same money could be used to make your life more comfortable. Meanwhile, you’ve left someone who just met you to decide the most personal issues of your life.

It’s something to consider when you decide your marriage is over.  Find a lawyer whose philosophy regarding the divorce process mirrors your needs. Of course, you want someone who will fight on your behalf.

By the same token, you most likely need someone who tells you that divorce is like ending a business partnership. You have the opportunity to negotiate and act selectively when it comes to going to court.

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Want to Know Why Your Divorce is Costing You So Much Money?

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