What You Need to Know about the Push for Divorce Settlements

You may not realize it.  It’s the court who actually wants you to settle the issues of your divorce.  In Part One on our series of divorce settlements, we’ll go over some of the reasons.  We’ll also discuss the methods used to negotiate some of the aspects of your divorce action.

For some, the concept of settling a divorce matter sounds like a terrible idea.  You may feel wronged by a spouse who cheated on you.  Your family or friends may even encourage you to go after every knife and fork.  Okay, so perhaps that may be a bit too specific.  You should know that seeking vengeance in a divorce isn’t going to work. 

The Advantages of being Open to Settling Your Divorce

First, New Jersey law has allowances for no-fault divorces. Irreconcilable differences is a blanket term that applies to most who seek this type of divorce. However, parties may also choose to file a divorce action based on seven separate grounds, enumerated in the statute.  These include everything from adultery, extreme cruelty and deviant sexual conduct.

 An experienced family law attorney can explain whether there are advantages to filing a complaint for divorce based on anything other than separation or irreconcilable differences.   Notwithstanding, there is a constant for all divorces.

The grounds for divorce will not change  equitable distribution .  They will not impact  child support .   They will not alter calculations for  spousal support , also known as alimony payments.

To reiterate, the grounds for your divorce have absolutely nothing to do with the financial aspects of your divorce.  Your case might seem simple, but could become contentious if you and your spouse decide to argue about every financial aspect.  And, you may even find that you’re paying more in legal fees than what you recover for yourself.

People with complex financial portfolios and real estate holdings have the ability to settle aspects of their divorce.  Family law attorneys often employ a number of professional experts to assist with valuation so that educated decisions can be made in the negotiation process.  Compromise with the assistance of legal counsel is crucial.

It isn’t just about the cost of litigation.  Or helping the court clear its calendar.  In the end, it’s about each party’s role in the decision-making process.  Wouldn’t you rather have some input than have a judge that doesn’t know you make the determination?

For those who have children, parenting is an important aspect.  In our next segment in our series, we’ll provide you with information regarding Custody and Parenting Time Mediation.  The court wants you to come up with solutions that are in the best interests of the children.  We’ll show you how this starts the process.

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What You Need to Know about the Push for Divorce Settlements

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